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Flat wire bundling machine FWB 700

Wire tuft brush production


+ fully automatic process
+ high process reliability
+ high production speed
+ simple coupling with existing FWR 250

Designed for the fully automatic production of street sweeper brush inserts in all flat wire types in connection with the WÖHLER FWR 250.

Wire lengths and quantities are variably adjustable.

The machine can alternatively be operated free-standing with manual feeding without any performance loss.

The machine is available in two different versions: One for the production of completed brush inserts for fitting in diverse gutter brooms and another for the production of fixed bent wire bundles used in manual filling of side brooms.

A special switching system means the WÖHLER FWB 700 can be connected to the WÖHLER FWR 250 or integrated in an existing production line of WÖHLER FWR 250 with WÖHLER GB 20.



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