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The application areas of strip brushes are enormouly versatile. In the medicine or food industry, at automotive and machine engineering as well as in agriculture and industry – strip brushes come in operation where it comes to applications like sealing, discharching, removing, spreading, deburring, cleaning, sorting, transporting and finishing.
WÖHLER keeps ready a variety of downstream winding machines which process the produced strip brush directly into roll brushes. These roll brushes brings a bunch of advantages and lot of purposes. In addition, a variety of modules and machines are available for the individual bending of strip brushes.
As the world’s leading manufacturer of machines for strip brush production, WÖHLER also offers them the right systems for the downstream product transport. From the conveyor to the automatic sorting with quality control, systems are available for all requirements.

Strip brush machines

Flexible strip brushes for applications with high demands on cleanness and hygiene
+ corrosion free applications
+ ultra light, full plastic strip and roll brushes
+ high density and closed fill
+ economic endless production or cut to length
MSB 960
MSB 960
MSB 960
+ up to 8 brooms/min production rate + high performance filament feeding mechanism + automatic fillament loading from bundle magazine + filament flagging and splitting on the machine + assembly stations with fixed stops ensure consistent quality + feeding up to 6 assembly stations possible
SBM 650
Strip brush production in unbeatable quality at unrivalled speed
+ up to 39.5 ft/min (12.0 m/min) (optional up to 130.0 ft/min (40.0 m/min))
+ fill material length up to 27.6" (700.0 mm)
+ profile width from 0.12" to 0.5" (3.0 mm - 13.0 mm) (up to 0.8" (20.0 mm) on SBM 840 XL)
+ U- and Y-profiles
SBM 840
SBM 840
Strip brush production with up to 130.0 ft/min
+ high speed production with up to 130.0 ft (40.0 m/min)
+ modularly upgradable for new products
+ U and Y profiles
+ profile sizes from 0.06" to 0.32" (1.5 - 8.0 mm)
+ product change – quick and easy
+ visualised fill density and height control for high process reliability
SBM 92
SBM 92
SBM 92
Simple, tough and profitable
+ high flexibility – fast product change
+ new products – quick and fast set-up
+ fill material picker for natural, synthetic, abrasive and wire
+ sufficient space for hand feeding
+ profile sizes from 0.06" (1.5 mm) to 0.24" (6.0 mm)
+ production speed up to 16.4 ft/min (5.0 m/min)
SBM Basic
High fill density and optimal fixing in strips and brush packages
+ quality roller brushes for heavy duty
+ high density
+ automatic production of brush packages
+ strong and save fixation of the filaments
SPI 90

Bundle cutter

Precise cuts in all cases of application
+ precision cut tolerances +/- 0.02" (0.5 mm)
+ short bundle lengths
+ extremely long blade service time
BC 100
Precise cuts in all cases of application
+ up to 35 cuts/min
+ precision cut tolerances +/- 0.02" (0.5 mm)
+ short bundle lengths
+ extremely long blade service time
BC 500
BC 500
Precise cuts in all cases of application
+ up to 30 cuts/min + precision cut tolerances +/- 0.02" (0.5 mm) + clean cut and scrap bundle sorting + extremely long blade service time
BC 700
BC 700
Precise cuts in all cases of application
+ up to 70 cuts/min
+ precision cut tolerances +/- 0.008“ (0.2 mm)
+ short bundle lengths
+ extremely long blade service time
+ natural filament cutting (optional)
+ automatic remaining length processing (optional)
+ fast manual operation for flexible materials (optional)
+ fully automatic bundle length sorting into two containers (optional)
BC 810
BC 810
BC 810

Finishing stations

Final processing of strip brushes with long, soft filaments
+ for all fill lengths from short to very long, soft fill material
+ process reliability and high quality
+ easy product range expansion
+ also supplements existing machines
+ easy integration in existing production lines
+ also for stand-alone operation
+ user and set-up friendly
FSA 500
FSA 500


Cost-effectively trim punched and wound roller and disc brushes
+ Brush diameter up to 3.3 ft (1 m)
+ Brush weight up to 3.300 lbs (1.5 t)
+ Standard lengths up to 6.6 ft (2.0 m) (optionally up to 19.0 ft (5.8 m))
+ Proven FS 930 trimming technology
+ Contour trimming (optional)
+ Disc brush trimming (optional)
+ Chip extraction and easy-to-clean design


Winding and welding of spiral packages

Winding and Bending

Winding of full plastic roll brushes
Winding and cutting of roll brushes out of endles strip brush
+ special design for easy integration in line with a strip brush machine
+ automatic speed compensation between winding and strip brush machine
+ automatic cutting according to individual number of turns without production stop
WAC 800
Roll brushes with up to 8 m length direct in line with strip brush production
+ direct winding in line with your strip brush machine
+ high production speed even at small diameters



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