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ATI 90 - Full automatic twist-in machine    Brush samples | Request offer

ATI 90

• high production output
• all fill materials in hank form
• minimal material loss
• no trimming required
• freely programmable twisting range

High density - stub ends

Fully automatic machine for the economic production of medium sized and densely filled twisted brushes with stub ends of high technical quality.

Fill material is fed from hanks or spools, cut and directly processed. Trimming of the finished brushes is no longer necessary.

The high production output of up to 10 brushes per minute cuts amortisation to an absolute minimum.

Features like exceptional blade service times, automatic hank feeding and NC control guarantee efficient and economic production with maximal flexibility.

Material loss is kept so low without having to trim the brushes that the production process can be deemed to be loss-free.

The high precision material feeding system ensures optimal fill distribution.

High tensile and even covered core wires can be processed on the machine, producing twisted brushes of highest accuracy and straightness.


Basic equipment

• Spool holder

Start today with the Full automatic twist-in machine ATI 90 into a successful future!

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