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B 94 - Break disc brushing machine    Brush samples | Request offer

B 94

• optimal cleaning
• without affecting the surface finish
• consistent surface quality finish through special brushes
• individually programmable production parameters
• continuous quality control by camera recognition of disc geometry and hole patterns
• automatic rejection of scrap discs
• labelling with part or batch number data

Removes overspray and contamination with consistent surface quality

The B 94 is a fully automatic processing cell for fine processing of brake discs. Overspray is effectively removed from the friction surfaces of the brake discs by means of special Wöhler HiT-Brushes without affecting the previously ground surface finish.

The machine consists of two independently operating brushing stations, served with parts by robotic handling. The horizontal and vertical linear axes for positioning the brushes in various operating points are driven by servo motors with ball screw spindles.

The brake discs are fed in by means of a roller conveyor. Integrated camera recognition of parts makes the processing of various batches possible without the need for change-over.

The parameters for brush processing are individually programmable for each brake disc type. Brush pressure and wear are determined and displayed accordingly.

Once brushing is complete the brake discs are fed out by robotic handling onto a roller conveyor.

Resultant fine dust and particulates are effectively extracted.

Start today with the Break disc brushing machine B 94 into a successful future!

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