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BBM 700

+ tubes of up to 0.7" (18 mm) wall thickness
+ especially for parts with large wall thickness like for staple set brushes
+ up to 8 tool stations, modularly expandable
+ use of low-cost materials (regranulat, HDPE, PP)
+ low investment costs for tool sets
+ tubes with inner/outer profiles (drivers)

Economic productionthick-walled tube brush and gutter broom bodies

Machine for production of brush bodies, end pieces and adapters for technical brushes.

These are generally cylindrical tube bodies for roll brushes or circular blocks for disc brushes.

The materials used are polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) or a mix of the two, usually with a small amount of foaming agent added.

Basic contours, such as grooves for drivers or centrings for adapters, can also be formed in the brush bodies. A single extruder serves up to 8 tool stations in any required sequence. This means that no production time is lost for cooling the products in the tools.

The machine is of modular design. The extruder is mounted centrally on a servo-driven rotating assembly, surrounded by the individual tool stations mounted above a circular cooling basin. The finished products are dropped down and swim to a central removal position at the end of the cooling basin.


Optional equipment

• Tube tool
• Plate tool
• Mixing unit
• Material feeding

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