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BC 100

• precision cut tolerances +/- 0.02" (0.5 mm)
• short bundle lengths
• extremely long blade service time

Precise cuts – in all cases of application

Various types of bundle cutting machines are available to cover diverse cutting requirements: From the manual bundle cutter BC 100 up to the high capacity, precision bundle cutter BC 810 with automatic magazine.

All bundle cutters of the BC series use the highly effective, Wöhler blade design: Blade geometry and the cutting process are specially optimised for typical cutting applications. In practice, this results in a huge reduction in blade wear with noticeable cost saving. Available blade types are N for natural and synthetic materials, A for abrasives and S for special nylon filament applications. Particularly on cutting abrasive materials, use of the blade type A results in an exceptional increase in blade durability.

The BC 100 is fitted as standard with a cutting plate with two bushings for different bundle diameters. Changing between bushings is made quickly and easily. The optional cutting plate with 7 bushings for up to 7 different bundle diameters is a great choice for increased flexibility: The individual selection of bushings between 1.6“ – 3.5“ (40 – 90 mm) allows perfect coverage of every customer specific product range.

The adjustable cut length limit stop with scale helps the operator in cutting consistent and reproducible bundle lengths.


Optional equipment

• 7 hole cutting plate

Start today with the Bundle cutter BC 100 into a successful future!

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