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BC 800

• up to 70 cuts/min
• precision cut tolerances +/- 0.008“ (0.2 mm)
• short bundle lengths
• extremely long blade service time

Precise cuts – in all cases of application

The full range of various types of bundle cutters comprises everything from a simple hand operated version up to high capacity, precision bundle cutters with automatic magazines.

All cutter models use the highly effective, circular blade design. This means that wear is evenly distributed over the complete circumference. Particularly on cutting abrasive materials this results in an exceptional increase in blade service times compared to standard blades, where load is always at the same point.

Various different blade types are available for optimal cutting results in every application.

The machines are equipped with a cutting plate with seven different diameters from 1.6″ – 3.5″ (40 – 90 mm).

The BC 800 also has a clean cut sorting and a rest bundle sorting.

The intelligent software of the controller makes it possible to cut the filament hanks optimally. Two different cutting lengths can be selected simultaneously to reduce the material loss to a minimum.

Start today with the Bundle cutter BC 800 into a successful future!

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