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BSM 110 + RS 100 - Full-automatic wheel and cup brush segment production line    Brush samples | Request offer

BSM 110 + RS 100

+ production capacity up to 12 segments/min
+ radial, non-grid fill alignment
+ high balancing
+ assembly-ready segments
+ wheel and cup brush assembly unit (optional)

Powerbrush semgents with highest balancing

The fully automatic multi row segment assembly production line consists of the WÖHLER BSM 110 and the roller cutter WÖHLER RS 100. It is designed for the production of assembly ready brush segments with crimped wire fill. Primarily, these brush segments are optimally suited for further processing into cup and wheel brushes.

The WÖHLER BSM 110 forms the heart of the production line. Thanks to the automatic fill material feeding, as well as the automatic ring and eyelet feeding, brush segments are produced with the highest balancing. The innovative and unique filling technology of the WÖHLER BSM 110 produce non-grid and exactly radially aligned fill.

The standard trimming – using the connected in line WÖHLER RS 100 roller cutter – gives the brush segments the desired outer diameter and finish. The quality features of the brush segments are impressive due to their particularly low-vibration concentricity, even at high speeds and with a longer service life.

The quick change system and recipe management reduce set-up time and allow rapid product changeover for demand-oriented production.

The production line can be extended with the WÖHLER AWC 100 assembly unit into a fully automatic production line. The assembly ready brush segments are mounted directly to finished cup or wheel brushes. Without the optional assembly unit the brush segments are transported via a conveyor belt into a transport container for individual further processing.


Optional equipment

Fill material production
• Wire crimping and winding machine STW 87 or STW 96
• Wire crimping machine USTW 6000 and hank spooling device STS 460

Fill material feeding
• 8 stations coil holder SFG 91

Start today with the Full-automatic wheel and cup brush segment production line BSM 110 + RS 100 into a successful future!

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