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BSM 320 + STM 320 - Full-automatic brush segment machine    Brush samples | Request offer

BSM 320 + STM 320

+ high production capacity up to 11 segments/min
+ segment diamter up to 12.6" (320 mm)
+ perfect fill distribution with high density
+ trimming unit with long service life
+ balancing test device and spinning station (optional)

Fully automatic brush segment production with quality control

The high performance brush segment machine BSM 320 fully automatically produces ready pressed brush segments with wire fill.

The wire is fed from a spool rack holding up to 22 spools directly to the cutting tool of the BSM 320. Once cut, the fill is transferred to the 3-station rotary table.

Eyelet and ring are automatically picked and fed to the BSM 320, allowing fully automatic production without operator. The machine can run for some time without refilling eyelets and rings, thanks to the bulk material reservoir.

The wire filling and eyelet pressing technology of the BSM 320 ensure highest performance and best wire distribution with optimal radial alignment of the fill.

If combined with the optional trimming station STM 320, ready pressed brush segments can also be transferred and trimmed to the required final diameter without operator.

The optional balance quality control and spinning station with automatic scrap sorting allow total control of the finished brush segment quality.

The brush segments can be directly further processed, the individual configuration of fill density and fill length making them the ideal base product for a great diversity of brushes.


Optional equipment

Fill material production
• Wire crimping and winding machine STW 87 or STW 96
• Wire crimping machine USTW 6000 and hank spooling device STS 460

Fill material feeding
• 8 or 16 stations coil holder SFG 91

Trimming, spinning, balancing
• Trimming machine STM 320
-> balancing quality inspection
-> spinning station

Start today with the Full-automatic brush segment machine BSM 320 + STM 320 into a successful future!

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