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DBV 90 - Dental and Polishing brush machine    Brush samples | Request offer

DBV 90

• high flexibility
• modular design
• universal production of all brush types
• special brush design
• suitable for productions of very small lots

Individual production with great variety of products

The DBV 90 is a low-cost, semiautomatic machine for the production of virtually every possible dental and polishing brush (including end brushes).

The picking process and the feeding of metal parts are carried out manually by the operator, before everything is pressed together on the assembly station.

The brushes produced can then be trimmed on the separate trimming station type FVD 92 or MDB 90.


Optional equipment

• Picker DV 04 or DV 04 P
• Trimming machine FVD 92 or MDB 90
• Trimming die DST

Start today with the Dental and Polishing brush machine DBV 90 into a successful future!

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