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E12-14 - WPC embossing machine    Brush samples | Request offer


• realistic and natural 3D effect
• great selection of patterns and structures
• suitable for all profile types
• single and double sided processing
• fast and simple tooling

Endless pattern and combination possibilities

The optimised roll embossing system, together with the B 63, produces a natural wood look and feel. Other naturally looking textures and graphic patterns can be equally well realised. These absolutely natural and realistic surface finishes open totally new application possibilities for Wood Plastic Composite profiles.

The embossing machine is fitted with one or two electrically heated and surface hardened embossing rolls. This allows top and bottom processing of the profile simultaneously in a single run.

Speed, temperature and hydraulic pressure settings can be precisely operated and adjusted on the latest, user-friendly control. The complete processing chain is designed for optimal operation and safety.

Natural wood grain effect and individual patterns

The embossing machine allows the processing of a great diversity of profile types. The finely adjustable operating settings mean that even delicate hollow chamber profiles can be effectively treated without the risk of any resulting damage.

The latest generation of the E12-14 embossing machines also allow random pattern production.
This state-of-the-art technology enables the production of a totally individual pattern, without cyclical repetition, over a complete profile element.

Start today with the WPC embossing machine E12-14 into a successful future!

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