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FSA 500 - Strip brush finishing station    Brush samples | Request offer

FSA 500

+ for all fill lengths from short to very long, soft fill material
+ process reliability and high quality
+ easy product range expansion
+ also supplements existing machines
+ easy integration in existing production lines
+ also for stand-alone operation
+ user and set-up friendly

Final processing of strip brushes with long, soft filaments

The finishing station FSA 500 is specially designed for the autonomic final processing of strip brushes. Existing machines can easily be supplemented by the FSA 500. This allows high quality final processing of strip brushes with any strip brush machine or as a stand-alone solution.

The particular advantages of the FSA 500 become especially clear on final trimming, flagging or combing of strip brushes with very long and soft fill. Turning the strip before finishing means that processing is made upside down: The hanging filaments are optimally aligned and not subject to bending or buckling.

The finishing station FSA 500 can be fitted with the trimmer DFS 90 (FSA 500), flagging device FLA 10 (FSA 500) and combing device ABV 100 (FSA 500). The cutting device MSA 30 XL can be fitted on the outfeed side for cutting the finished strip in the required lengths. In the case of material liable to opening and parting the optional belt guide STG can be integrated, guaranteeing clean and reliable processing for high quality demands.


Basic equipment

• Base machine and guides for one profile
• Infeed unit
• Switch cabinet

Optional equipment

• Double trimmer DFS 90 (FSA 500)
• Flagging unit FLA 10 (FSA 500)
• Out-combing unit ABV 100 (FSA 500)
• Stabilizer STG (FSA 500)
• Cutting unit MSA 30 XL
• Stand-alione control

Start today with the Strip brush finishing station FSA 500 into a successful future!

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