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FWR 250 - Flat wire rolling machine    Brush samples | Request offer

FWR 250

+ high production speed
+ counted and tied flat wire bundles
+ wire pay-off from coil (Z2/Z3) load-free strippable
+ direct influence on product quality
+ wire thickness control (optional)
+ coupleable with various assembly machines

Consistent quality from the very beginning

Optimised system for the production of flat wire fill material used in street sweeper brushes.

The system includes a wire cutting unit directly following the rolling process for cutting the flat wire and sorting it into bundles. The number of wires per bundle can be selected on the control.

A chain conveyor transports the flat wire bundles directly to a successor machine (e.g. GB 20, FWB 700). Here it is also possible to separate bundle production and tied the bundles directly. The bundles are transported on a conveyor and can either be tied and placed in a container for later processing or fed directly onto the main production machine, such as GB 20 or FWB 700.

The optional and easily retrofittable wire thickness control unit ensures a consistent wire thickness right from the start of production.
Fluctuations in the wire thickness before reaching the full operating temperature are automatically compensated for, making operation even easier and increasing the system efficiency.

The flat wire winder DC 500 is optionally available for winding the wire produced directly onto coils.

The FWR 250 guarantees efficient processing in diverse applications – whether in material feeding as part of a production process or in straight flat wire production in stand-alone mode.


Optional equipment

• Wire thickness control unit
• Chain conveyor
• Knoter

Ancillaries/additional machines

• Flat wire winding machine DC 500

Start today with the Flat wire rolling machine FWR 250 into a successful future!

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