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GB 20

+ freely programmable hole pattern
+ automatic wire and poly filament feeding
+ stronger cleaning effect through optimized plate design
+ maximum bundling effect by adjusting the angle
+ large program memory

Gutter broom production with perfect fitting and retaining

Specially developed for the particularly efficient production of gutter brooms in street sweeping applications. The blocks or segment bodies can be filled with wire, synthetic or mixed bundles. The high level of automation together with the great flexibility makes this machine exceptionally efficient and lucrative.

The machine can be optionally fitted with a modular stack magazine or drilling station. The stack magazine allows fully automatic feeding of segment bodies.

The drilling station allows simultaneous processing of blocks with freely programmable hole patterns. A further option enables the drilling of holes in freely definable angles, resulting in extremely stable brushes with high cleaning performance and great durability.

By means of the optional servo driven tilting table each hole row can be filled in a different angle.

Transfer from the magazine or drilling station to brush filling is also made fully automatically.

A conveyor for the ergonomic removal of finished brushes is a further module in this comprehensive system.

Machine operation was designed to be safe and simple, using a clear and user-friendly touch screen control.

The GB 20 is a proven machine with high process reliability, allowing the realisation of specific customers requirements in top quality and at the highest level of application safety.


Optional equipment

• Body or segment magazine
• Conveyor belt
• Polypropylene-Picker BLS 700
• Drilling station with angle adjustment
• Servo tilting table

Ancillaries/additional machines

• Flat wire rolling machine FWR 250
• Brush body moulding machine BBM 700
• Plate brush drilling station MBD 850

Start today with the Gutter broom machine GB 20 into a successful future!

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