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GB 90 - Cassette brush machine    Brush samples | Request offer

GB 90

+ fully automatic process
+ wire bundle clip for perfect grip
+ incl. wire crimping from Z2-coil
+ no trimming required
+ endless retaining wire from coil
+ improved fixation of the retaining wire
+ production of wire mats (optional)

Fully automaticcassette brush production

The cassette brush machine GB 90 is specially designed for the production of individual brush segments (so-called bundle or tuft brushes) as well as completely assembled cassette brushes. These brushes find their application in rollfield-cleaning at airports.

The machine is equipped with a bar magazine for feeding the already stuck in the cassette sleeves.

The fill wires are automatically deducted from the coil, corrugated, cut and stapled. The fill wire bundles are tufted into the cassette. In parallel, the retaining wire is inserted which is unwound from the coil.

The ready-produced cassette brush is automatically ejected and is ready for use.


Optional equipment

• Wire-clamping
• PP-Picker

Ancillaries/additional machines

• Wire mat production DA 700

Start today with the Cassette brush machine GB 90 into a successful future!

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