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HSH 100 - Hotany cassette brush roll segment machine    Brush samples | Request offer

HSH 100

+ semi- and full-automatic production of Hotany discs
+ picker for many common fill materials
+ controlled bundle fixing with consistent force
+ clean cutting and bending of the binding wire
+ fast change-over for economical small series production
+ upgradable to fully automatic, unattended operation (optional)
+ integrated punching station (optional)

Hotany brush segment production using various common fill materials

The HSH 100 is specially designed for the automatic production of Hotany style cassette brush roll segments.

The flexibility of the machine allows the production of diverse brush segments with various different inner contours.
Disk diameter and the number of fill holes can be quickly and easily changed.

The highest output with the machine can be reached using ready punched disks. The optionally available disk changing system makes the HSH 100 a fully automatic and independently operating machine. After fitting the ready punched disk, the filling process can be immediately started. The fill material is fed from magazine by a picker, following which the material is fixed in the fill hole in the proven way by means of a retaining wire. Automated process steps ensure that the fill bundles are all secured to a consistent degree.

Feeding of the fill material by means of a picker allows the use of all suitable, common fill materials.

With the optional punching station segment disks can also be punched directly on the HSH 100.


Optional equipment

• automatic disc inserting and removing
• punching station

Start today with the Hotany cassette brush roll segment machine HSH 100 into a successful future!

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