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MSB 960

• corrosion free applications
• ultra light, full plastic strip and roll brushes
• high density and closed fill
• economic endless production or cut to length

Flexible strip brushes for applications with high demands on cleanness and hygiene

Cutting-edge technology for the production of flexible strip brushes. The great flexibility and homogenous material composition of the strip brush together with optimal recyclability allow a multitude of application areas. These range from the straight replacement of metal strip brushes and the simple production of wound roll brushes up to intermediate products for fitting in injection moulded parts.

The practically loss-free process combines synthetic materials with an integrated extrusion profile to a continuous flexible strip brush.

The great flexibility of the product allows the winding of continuous profiles in drums for later cutting to custom length. Along with mini profiles the design also allows the replacement of previously known flexible staple-set strip brushes with the advantage of a high and closed fill density.


Basic equipment

• Automatic bundle supply BC 760 and BUD 300
• Highspeed picker ARS 70
• Filament alignment system BAV 500

Optional equipment

• Picker BLS 700
• Flagging unit FLA 10
• Winding unit PPW 190
• Notching unit NUT 10 2
• Trimming unit DFS 90, STG 2
• Cutting unit MSA 20 2
2 Post precessing station FSA required

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