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MTI 960 - Full automatic twisting machine    Brush samples | Request offer

MTI 960

• one operation – no later trimming required
• fill materials abrasive, wire, nylon
• fast change of fill material
• covered core wire possible
• freely programmable twisting cycle

A finished brush without trimming afterwards

The MTI 960 is a fully automatic machine for the efficient production of small and miniature twisted wire brushes with stub ends offering great diversity in product design.

Both fill material (hank) and twisting wire (spool) are fed automatically, cut and processed on the machine, regardless of the fill to be processed – synthetic, wire or abrasive material.

Thanks to minimal material waste on cutting the process also allows production with short hanks. Small series with special fill material can be produced according to requirements. Later trimming of the brush is no longer required.

An outstanding feature of the latest generation MTI 960 is the further enhanced flexibility. Butterfly and combination brushes are possible. Optimal fill distribution is guaranteed by the precision feeding unit.

Even covered core wires can be processed. The special blades, capable of processing even high tensile wire, allow the production of small and miniature twisted wire brushes with particularly high rigidity in small cross-sections.

An optimised touch screen control offers user-friendly and intuitive operability, while ensuring perfect repeatability of processes and the consistent quality resulting.

Short tooling times further boost efficiency.


Optional equipment

• Waste extraction

Start today with the Full automatic twisting machine MTI 960 into a successful future!

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