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PVM 100 III - Street sweeper roll brush segment production line for all-synthetic brush segments    Brush samples | Request offer


+ loss-free production of fill material mats
+ uniform fill
+ patented, recyclable brush with low weight
+ great product diversity
+ no separate ring production required

All-synthetic street sweeper roll brush segments

The production line for all-synthetic street sweeper roll brush segments. The automation of the process steps enhances Efficiency and ensures a consistent and reproducible quality of the roll brush segments produced.

In the basic configuration the fill fleece is spread evenly onto the conveyor line of the PVM 100 by the filament picker AAB 932. The mat fusing machine can be optionally equipped with the automatic bundle feeder BUD 510. Thanks to this additional automation the number of machine operators can be reduced and the Efficiency further enhanced.

The alignment device BAV 500 serves in optimally feeding a uniform fill, flush on one end, to the fusing process.

The heart of the system is the fusing machine PVM 100, on which a heater line with flame control and blowing-out function guarantees the safe fusing of the filament mats. An extruder is situated upstream of the fusing process to further optimise the fusing of the synthetic filaments to a mat. Following fusing, a second Extruder applies the profile material.

The cutting unit CUT 100 cuts the mat to length. The swivelling conveyor transports this mat to the operator on the 3-station Rotary table PTT 1500, where the operator positions the mat in a forming tool. The PTT 1500 has 3 temperature-controlled forming tool stations and operates in endless circulation. The mat is turned into the assembly station, where it is formed to the required all-synthetic brush segment (flat or convoluted form), before being turned into the removal station. The temperature control of the tools cools the synthetic material down as far as possible. Final cutting is not required, ensuring loss-free production. The production of flat or convoluted segment forms is possible.

A range of different tooling sets is available and individual tooling forms can also be designed on request.

Finally, the brush segment passes through the cooling line CTU, from which it is automatically ejected following drying.


Basic equipment

• Synthetic filament picker AAB 932
• Alignment device BAV 500
• Extruder unit (15 kg / 33 lbs)
• Extruder unit (55 kg / 120 lbs)
• Fusing machine PVM 100
• Cutting unit CUT 100
• Swivelling conveyor
• 3-station rotary table PTT 1500
• Assembly station HDT 42
• Cooling line CTU

Optional equipment

• automatic bundle feeder BUD 510
• Auxiliary heater for boosting feed rate

Start today with the Street sweeper roll brush segment production line for all-synthetic brush segments PVM 100 III into a successful future!

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