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PVM 87 W - Synthetic and wire brush segment machine    Brush samples | Request offer

PVM 87 W
high-speed easy-setup high-efficient user-friendly touch-screen

• wire, synthetics and mixed fill
• mat production with no material loss
• integrated wire crimping and cutting
• homogeneous fill
• great product diversity

Wire and plastic fillingin perfect combination

The polypropylene fusing machine PVM 87 W is designed for the fusing of brush mats, which are finally pressed as segments either in flat or convoluted form on the hydraulic press type HDT 30.

Trimming of the segments is generally not necessary, meaning that production is made virtually free of material loss.

The synthetic filaments where ejected as a fleece by the picker AAB 932 and fed into the further process.

A further advantage is that wire can be processed directly from spools with integrated crimping and cutting. The wire is feed from up to 12 coils and automatically crimped and cut to length.

Wire and plastic filaments, depending on requirements, are welded together, with or without extrusion.

The welded filament mat is automatically cut to length with the cutting unit CUT 200 and then removed manually.

The mat is pressed to segments under the hydraulic press HDT 30 while still warm in order to realize optimum durability.


Optional equipment

• PP-Picker AAB 932
• Wire crimping and cutting unit DA 400
• Cutting unit CUT 200
• Wire coil holder with spinning wings
• Tool set for straigth or crimped wire
• Automatic bundle supply BUD 500

Ancillaries/additional machines

• Ring rolling machine RWA 250
• Ring rolling machine RWA 980
• Hydraulic press HDT 30

Start today with the Synthetic and wire brush segment machine PVM 87 W into a successful future!

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