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RS 83 DB | RS 83 EB - Roller cutter     | Request offer

RS 83 DB | RS 83 EB

• carbide roller cutting blades
• sturdy construction
• large range of products

Trimming brushes in line or stand-alone

The RS 83 EB and RS 83 DB are roller cutters, which can be used in an operation cell together with a brush production machine.

Depending on machine version the brush can be trimmed directly in both directions (DB) or turned and trimmed again in a second cycle.

The rotational speed of the brush can be individually set for ensuring an optimal trim quality.

The heavy duty roller cutter is fitted with carbide blades, which ensure a particularly long blade service time.

Start today with the Roller cutter RS 83 DB | RS 83 EB into a successful future!

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