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RWA 250 - Ring rolling machine    Brush samples | Request offer

RWA 250

• metal ring ready for assembly
• U- or V-profile
• fully automatic process
• high production capacity up to 12 pieces/min
• diameter from 3.0" to 13.5" (75 - 350 mm)
• less metal overlapping
• incl. hole punching and rivet feeding

Metal ring production for brush making

The metal band is fed by two driven profile rolls through an adjustable band guide.

The diameter of the U- or V-shaped profile can be adjusted accordingly via hand wheel.

The ready profiled and wound spiral is cut off in single segments.

A transfer system places the spiral on the holding core, bringing it properly aligned into operating position. The process is started, the ring is clamped and calibrated to the nominal diameter on four points by the hydraulic cylinders.

The ring is then transferred into the next station, where the pin is shot through the overlap.

Than the ring is transferred into the spot welding station. The spot welding station with its special electrode design allows two welding spots of equal quality in a single shot.

The ready ring is automatically thrown on a conveyor belt.

Start today with the Ring rolling machine RWA 250 into a successful future!

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