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SBM 92 - Strip brush machine    Brush samples | Request offer

SBM 92

• high speed production with up to 130 ft (40 m/min)
• modularly upgradable for new products
• U and Y profiles
• profile sizes from 0.06" to 0.32" (1.5 - 8.0 mm)
• product change – quick and easy
• visualised fill density and height control for high process reliability

Strip brush production in unbeatable quality at unrivalled speed

The strip brush machine SBM 92 unites performance and precision. The modular machine design and countless additional modules allow the production of diverse strip brush types and forms, custom adapted to your requirements.

Highest efficiency is guaranteed by the production capacity of up to 40 metres per minute. The fully automatic process runs autonomously. Fulltime operator attendance is not required.

The quality of the products is totally convincing and can be additionally constantly monitored by means of optional inline measuring systems.

With little expense and effort the SBM 92 can be converted from standard U-shaped profile to Y-shaped profile production. This even further expands the already great product diversity.

The strip brush machine SBM 92 offers a solution to virtually every application requirement from fill materials to special finishing work.

A range of conveyor and ejector systems is available for example. Diverse winding systems allow the direct production of spiral or roll brushes from strip.


Basic equipment

• Coil holder CH 87
• Automatic bundle supply BC 760 and BUD 300
• Highspeed picker BLS 700
• Filament alignment system BAV 500
• Trimmer DFS 90
• 3-blade cutting unit MSA 30
• Roller set U-Profile

Optional equipment

• Coil holders DCH 87, DU 1000
• Pickers AAB 931, ARS 70, DSA 971
• Quality control BDG 10 T, OHM 10, SES 10
• Out-combing unit ABV 90
• Band welding devices BAS 040, BAS 060
• Trimming unit R 901, STG
• Notching unit NUT 10
• Flagging unit FLA 10
• Winders CERP, WERP, ERP, MBI 86, TBI 86, WIBO 2.0 S
• Cutting units MSA 3, MSA 4, MSA 30 XL
• Transport- and ejection systems SGE, SGE-Q, SGE-XL, SGE-Servo
• Roller set Y-Profile

Start today with the Strip brush machine SBM 92 into a successful future!

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