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SBM Basic
easy-setup user-friendly touch-screen

• high flexibility – fast product change
• new products – quick and fast set-up
• fill material picker for natural, synthetic and abrasive
• sufficient space for hand feeding
• profile sizes from 0.06“ (1.5 mm) to 0.32“ (8.0 mm)
• production speed up to 16.4 ft/min (5 m/min)

Great flexibility – easy operating

The SBM Basic is a full-fledged strip brush machine with an excellent cost-performance ratio.

The machine concept is designed for starters as well as for real strip brush experts. The SBM Basic satisfies with great flexibility and a high quality of the produced strip brushes. This is especially shown in straight strips.

The robust and long-lasting strip brush machine amortises within a short time period. Optimal for beginners or for expansion of an existing strip brush manufactory.

The all-round picker ABT 410 and the opportunity to manually feeding fill material, result in a great variety of strip brush types.

The adaptability of the SBM Basic remains in the easy and intuitive usability. All adjustments are made by a user-friendly interface on the touch screen panel.

Even the changeover process is optimized for a fast and simple implementation without much effort.


Basic equipment

• Coil holder CH 100
• Feed material picker ABT 410
• Trimming unit DFS 100
• Cutting unit MSA 3 E
• U-Profile roller set with 2 pairs of profiled rollers

Optional equipment

• Pickers AAB 931, DSA 971
• Transport- and ejection systems SGE, SGE-Q, SGE-XL
• Band welding device BAS 040, BAS 060

Start today with the Strip brush machine SBM Basic into a successful future!

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