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SHF 400

+ each segment size can be produced in any sequence with minimum setup effort
+ lowers your inventory
+ only one sheet instead of ring and eyelet
+ integrated disc punching
+ freely adjustable fill material length reduces wire consumption
+ optimally balanced segments through best wire distribution
+ up to 25% higher stocking density
+ securely fixed fill material

Produce economically from lot size 1

The highly flexible SHF 400 produces conventional brush segment disks economically from single piece production.

Material input is reduced to a single wire hank and a simple metal disk.

Comprehensive recipe management and the integrated punching station for fill hole and assembly lugs allow the economic production of various different segment sizes in arbitrary sequence and individual fill material lengths.

The disk can be manually placed for single piece production and is taken from the integrated magazine for batch production.

The SHF 400 draws the wire from spool and cuts it to the freely determined length. Assembly lug punching and filling/lug closing are made in parallel sequence.

The fill material is distributed evenly in the filling hole. Simple closing of the assembly lug secures the wire firmly in filling position and in perfect radial alignment. This optimal and even wire distribution creates a brush segment of exceptional balance quality.

Compared to conventional segment production, no prefabricated metal parts (inner ring and eyelet) are required. This effectively cuts both costs and the overall weight of the brush segment.


Optional equipment

Fill material preparation
• Wire crimping and winding machine STW 87 or STW 96
• Wire crimping machine USTW 6000 and hank spooling device STS 460

Fill material feeding
• Coil holder SFG 91

Start today with the Brush segment machine SHF 400 into a successful future!

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