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SPI 90 - Double band strip brush machine    Brush samples | Request offer

SPI 90

• quality roller brushes for heavy duty
• high density
• automatic production of brush packages
• strong and save fixation of the filaments

High fill density and optimal fixing in strips and brush packages

The SPI 90 is designed for the production of double band strip brushes with various fill materials in diverse profile forms and sizes.

Fitted with the ABT 700 picker the machine is best equipped for the highly efficient production of brushes with synthetic or natural fill. A range of pickers is available, offering production flexibility and expanding possibilities. The handling of wire fill is optimally solved with the wire laying device DSA 971. Manual placing of special fills offers endless production possibilities.

The alignment device BAV 500 ensures optimal fill alignment on the SPI 90. Depending on the brush type and specific application the combing device ABV 90 and the roller cutter R 901 can also be fitted on the machine.

These optional extras cut subsequent finishing work to an absolute minimum.

As standard the machine is supplied with a profile roll set for the production of double band strip brushes with U-shaped profile. Profile roll sets are also available for the production of H-shaped profiles.


Basic equipment

• Highspeed picker ABT 700
• Filament alignment system BAV 500
• Winder WIBO 2.0 S
• Roller set U-profile

Optional equipment

• Pickers AAB 931, DSA 971
• Trimming systems DFS 90, R 901
• autom. Paketschweißsystem WIP 87
• Band welding device BAS 060
• Roller set H-profile

Start today with the Double band strip brush machine SPI 90 into a successful future!

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