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STW 87 | STW 96 - Wire crimping and winding machine    Brush samples | Request offer

STW 87 | STW 96

• CNC ground crimping gears, no nesting
• finest wires processed without any damage
• rapid change units and precise displays
• wire straightening facility with fine gears

Precise workmanship even with fine wires

Automatic production of crimped wire hanks with double plane crimping, as required in automatic brush production. The wires run through two consecutive pairs of crimping wheels, the gear engagement being adjustable during operation. The required number of wires are combined in hanks and wound onto driven cardboard or metal spools.

The STW 87 und STW 96 differ only in their capacity, the STW 96 having a total of four pairs of crimping wheels and thus double the capacity.

Start today with the Wire crimping and winding machine STW 87 | STW 96 into a successful future!

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