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SWC 950 - Wire cutting machine    Brush samples | Request offer

SWC 950

• high production capacity
• cut lengths 3.9" - 12.8" (100 - 325 mm)
• integrated straightening, crimping and bundling possible

Wire cutting with high speed

This high capacity machine is specially designed for the automatic cutting of straight, oil tempered wire with cut lengths from 100 to 325 mm.

The wires are drawn off from spools and cut to the required length. Wire length, number of cuts and wire feed can all be freely programmed. The ready cut wires drop through shafts parallel onto a conveyor belt and are laid onto a storage belt, where any lateral mismatch is aligned by a centring device.

From time to time the wires have to be removed from the storage belt by the operator. Wires to be cut should be oil-free and fed without load.

Therefore it is recommended to use a spool rack from which the wires can be easily drawn off.


Optional equipment

• Straightening, crimping and bundling unit

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