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TIM 4 - Full automatic twisting machine    Brush samples | Request offer


• four core wires
• high density brushes
• integrated trimming station direct finishing in diameter on the machine
• minimal fill material loss
• material feeding from hank or coil

Four twisting wires and double plane fill

The TIM 4 is a fully automatic machine specially designed for the production of twisted wire brushes with four twisting wires and double plane wire, synthetic or abrasive fill. The high fill density and brush stability of the industrial brushes produced provide an optimal basis for a great diversity of applications and operational areas.

The fill material is fed automatically from hanks or spools and evenly distributed over the filled brush length by the precision feeding device. This allows high stocking densities with simultaneously minimized trimming loss. The core wire is automatically fed from four separate spools and straightened, cut and processed directly on the machine.

Trimming directly on the machine minimal material loss

The twisting process can be individually adapted for effectively regulating the fill density. This, together with the freely programmable twisting range, allows the production of a diversity of twist-off (no-loop) brush forms with minimal material loss. Perfect repeatability of twisting processes and consistently high product quality are ensured.

Even greater versatility the produced brushes can be directly trimmed to the desired dimension by the parallel operating trimming station.

The new machine concept with short change-over times, easy operation and maintenance as well as easy product change offers maximum flexibility for the production of twisted brushes.



Optional equipment

• Parallel trimming unit
• Waste extraction

Start today with the Full automatic twisting machine TIM 4 into a successful future!

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