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WAC 800

+ special design for easy integration in line with a strip brush machine
+ automatic speed compensation between winding and strip brush machine
+ automatic cutting according to individual number of turns without production stop

Winding and cutting of roll brushes out of endles strip brush

The WAC 800, in combination with a strip brush machine, allows for external winding of a strip brush into roll segments with a selectable number of turns.

The strength of the WAC 800 lies in the integrated cutting unit, which cuts off the strip brush without stopping production after reaching the set number of turns. The number of turns and the number of roller brushes to be produced can be freely selected and adjusted via a touchscreen panel.

The strip brush produced by a strip brush machine as an endless brush is fed to the WAC 800, wound into a roller brush and automatically cut after the desired number of turns.

As the strip brush machine produces at a continuous speed, the WAC 800 compensates for the length produced during the cutting cycle.

There are tool sets available consisting of the winding core, a pressure wheel, the strip brush guide, the cutting blade, the driving ring and optionally the anvil for all possible combinations.


Basic equipment

• Base Frame with control and control cabinet
• Winding and cutting unit
• Strip brush guide

Optional equipment

Backstop for inner coil diameter less than 25 mm

Start today with the Strip brush winding and cutting machine WAC 800 into a successful future!

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