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WCB 100 | WCB 600 - Wire crimping, cutting and bundling machine    Brush samples | Request offer

WCB 100 | WCB 600
high-speed easy-setup high-efficient user-friendly touch-screen

• high process reliability and availability
• improved straightness of wires
• easy to use
• minimal set-up times when changing over to a different product
• wide range of the processed wires
• nearly compatible with any type of coil

Wire crimping, cutting and bundling with high speed

The WCB 100 and WCB 600 are the stand alone high performance wire crimping and cutting machines DA 400 and DA 700.

The machine lays the cut wire as a bundle or directly as a constant wire mat. Optionally, the machine produces only cut wire for punching machines.

Start today with the Wire crimping, cutting and bundling machine WCB 100 | WCB 600 into a successful future!

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