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ZVA 320 - Twist knot brush machine    Brush samples | Request offer

ZVA 320

+ punching integrated
+ disk changing under 1 second
+ enhanced output up to 130% (100% = ZVA 600)
+ up to 30 knots/min
+ outer brush diameter up to 12.5" (320 mm)
+ integrated spining-station for perfect alignment and fewer steps before mounting
+ knot shape freely programmable in three sections

Unique twist knot forms – extraordinary speed

The fully automatic, CNC-controlled twist knot brush machine ZVA 320 with hank feeding and powerful punching tool produces unique twist knot brush forms. This flexibility combined with the high power and the use of inexpensive naturally hard drawn wire make the ZVA 320 into a highly efficient twist knot brush machine.

Hank feeding and integrated hole punching enable a fully automated series production. The wire is fed through one to four finished coiled hanks or single coils.

The blank disks are automatically transferred from the magazine to the 2-station turntable.

Punching and twisting at the same time

After twisting with the optionally built-in spinning station the segments are automatically passed to the spining station and ready to assembly brushes are transported from the machine.

The mechanical adjustment parameters are recorded and displayed on the touch screen of the compact operator terminal. The production parameters can be entered manually or retrieved from the internal memory as a program. The ZVA 320 has a USB port for backup, management and transfer of program data.

Touch screen and user-friendly interface help the operator to concentrate on the essentials. Maintenance and service can be quickly and easily done with the integrated remote maintenance module.


Optional equipment

Fill material feeding
• Wire coil holder SDA 2 or SDA 4
• Wire coil holder DAZ 80 + SFA 360

Additional module
• Spinning station

Start today with the Twist knot brush machine ZVA 320 into a successful future!

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