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the world of POWERBRUSH maschines

Machines for the production of brush segments

Brush segments form the origin for a variety of industrial brushes. From one or more brush segments, round brushes, pot brushes and brush head brushes as well as roller brushes are produced during final assembly. The crucial factor for the quality of a power brush segment is an application-specific fill material density and a high balancing quality. The Wöhler machine portfolio covers a large number of possible fill materials, densities and diameters. In addition, many machines can be inserted directly into a production line, which achives a high automation of the brush segment production. An efficient segment production is therefore guaranteed and provides the conditions for an individual, innovative brush production.

Machines for the production of twist knot brushes

Twist knot powerbrushes impress with their high strength and particularly aggressive properties. Therefore, they are in demand in craft and industry, where they cover a variety of application. In addition to the optimal wire, the deciding factor is which area the twist knot powerbrushes work best. The possibility to design individual twist knot powerbrushes is essential. In the production of twist knot powerbrushes it is extremely important to be able to deal individually with the requirements of the end user. The Wöhler twist knot powerbrushing machines allow precisely this individuality and creativity in production. In addition to the established standards, the production of twist knot powerbrushes can be optimally adapted to the request situation. With plenty of room for individual, and innovative twist knot shapes.

Machines for the production of end brushes

Assembly and trimming of powerbrushes

Following the production of a powerbrush segment, processing continues to the fully assembled and trimmed brush. The machine portfolio of the world of powerbrushes offers optimally coordinated production machines from beginning to end. Various degrees of automation and a flexible modular design help to ensure a homogenous and efficient production process. The downstream machines trimmes the segmens and mount it to different brushes. In addition to wheel and roller brushes, assembly machines for cup and end brushes are available. From universal to individual and the decades of experience and know-how, Wöhler finds the best solution for cutting and assembling brush segments for all requirements.

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