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the world of STREET SWEEPER BRUSH maschines

Machines for the production of wafers

Wafers are primary used on street sweeper vehicles in the municipal and construction market. Wöhler machines can produce different types of Wafers with poly, wire or combo filaments. With classic metal ring back or modern full plastic wafers - straight or convoluted. Compatible with the most popular sweepers and attachments worldwide.

Machines for the production of gutter brooms

The areas of application are as varied as the demands on gutter brooms. With a Wöhler machine your gutter broom production is optimally tuned for efficiency and flexibility. Arrangement, material mix, strength and density of the filaments are crucial for the sweeping performance. All these parameters can easily and individually adjust at a Wöhler machine. Always with the scale on highest quality.

Machines for the production of cassette brushes

Cassette brushes are optimized for the airport runway cleaning. A Wöhler cassette brush machine can process poly filaments as well as straight or crimped wire. The modular construction offers automation solutions for all filament types. An improved fixation ensures perfect grip of the bundles. A trimming of the finished cassette brush is not required.

Machines for the production of brush bodies

Wöhler offers different machines for the production of brush bodies - espacially for the street sweeper production. These machines convince by their enormously flexibility and efficiency.

Equipment for the production of Street Sweeper Brushes

From wire crimping and bundling to the trimming of the brushes - Wöhler offers a wide range of equipment and machines to design the production of street sweepers with highest efficency and individuality.

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