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the world of STRIP BRUSH maschines

Machines for the production of Strip Brushes

The application areas of strip brushes are enormouly versatile. In the medicine or food industry, at automotive and machine engineering as well as in agriculture and industry - strip brushes come in operation where it comes to applications like sealing, discharching, removing, spreading, deburring, cleaning, sorting, transporting and finishing.

Machines for the bending and winding of strip brushes

Wöhler keeps ready a variety of downstream winding machines which process the produced strip brush directly into roll brushes. These roll brushes brings a bunch of advantages and lot of purposes. In addition, a variety of modules and machines are available for the individual bending of strip brushes.

Transport and ejection systems

As the world's leading manufacturer of machines for strip brush production, WÖHLER also offers them the right systems for the downstream product transport. From the conveyor to the automatic sorting with quality control, systems are available for all requirements.

Bundle cutter

The extremely long-lasting and wear-resistant bundle cutters from WÖHLER are specifically designed for the preparation of the fill material. The portfolio includes various automation stages. From manual to fully automatic with NC-controlled precision, you can choose from a variety of bundle cutters.

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