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Semi-automatic brush segment machine BSM 200 + SPR 300 | SPR 410

Flexible production with lowest costs


+ high flexibility thanks to optimised product change-over system
+ large size range from 1.1" - 4.7" (28 - 120 mm) inner diameter
+ minimal wire loss
+ servo-driven wire feeding for reproducible settings
+ precise eyelet widths up to 5.9" (150 mm) inner diameter
+ 100% compatibility with BSM 83 tooling sets
+ modular upgrading to fully automatic production

The semi-automatic brush segment machine WÖHLER BSM 200 with the assembly and trimming unit WÖHLER SPR 300 | SPR 410 produce pressed brush segments with crimped wire fill.

Fill material feeding is made automatically from spool. Ring and eyelet are fed by the operator on the WÖHLER BSM 200 and the production process started. An upgrade of the WÖHLER BSM 200 with automatic ring and eyelet feeding is optionally available.

The WÖHLER BSM 200 features a servo-driven wire feeding, which ensures a consistent and reproducible fill length on feeding between ring and eyelet. The hydraulic cutting unit cuts the wire to the set fill length. The hydraulic expander clamps the wire tightly between ring and eyelet.

The wire feeding is specially designed for even wire distribution in the segment, fulfilling the requirements for a high balance grade. An individually adjustable wire cutting length for every brush size actively reduces wire loss.

The tooling sets of the previous model BSM 83 are 100% compatible with the WÖHLER BSM 200 and can be directly used.

The formed segment is taken from the WÖHLER BSM 200 and fed on the assembly and trimming unit WÖHLER SPR 300 | SPR 410 for automatic closing and trimming. Fully automatic transfer of the segment is optionally available.

The roller cutter of the assembly and trimming unit WÖHLER SPR 300, specially designed for the trimming of brush segments, produces an evenly round trim for a good balancing quality. Different diameters can be easily set. By using the optional Assembly and trimming unit WÖHLER SPR 410 with an additional roller cutter or trimmer WÖHLER FS 930 the trimming Quality can be further optimised.

The new closing technology of the WÖHLER SPR 300 | SPR 410 allows fast and individual setting of the required eyelet width for precise and reproducible production, regardless of the surrounding conditions.

Optional modules

Fill material feeding
• 8 or 16 coils holder SFG 91

Full automation
• automatic ring feeding
• automatic eyelet feeding
• automatic tranfer to assembly unit

Fill material preparation
• Wire crimping and winding machine STW 87 or STW 96
• Wire crimping machine USTW 6000 and hank spooling device STS 460



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Technical support

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