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Wafers, gutter brooms, cassette brushes, … – The areas of application are as varied as the demands on street sweeper brushes.
Wafers are primary used on street sweeper vehicles in the municipal and construction market. WÖHLER machines can produce different types of Wafers with poly, wire or combo filaments. With classic metal ring back or modern full plastic wafers – straight or convoluted. Compatible with the most popular sweepers and attachments worldwide.
With a WÖHLER machine your gutter broom production is optimally tuned for efficiency and flexibility. Arrangement, material mix, strength and density of the filaments are crucial for the sweeping performance. All these parameters can easily and individually adjust at a Wöhler machine. Always with the scale on highest quality.
Cassette brushes are optimized for the airport runway cleaning. A WÖHLER cassette brush machine can process poly filaments as well as straight or crimped wire. The modular construction offers automation solutions for all filament types. An improved fixation ensures perfect grip of the bundles. A trimming of the finished cassette brush is not required.
WÖHLER offers different machines for the production of brush bodies – espacially for the street sweeper production. These machines convince by their enormously flexibility and efficiency.
From wire crimping and bundling to the trimming of the brushes – WÖHLER offers a wide range of equipment and machines to design the production of street sweepers with highest efficency and individuality.

01 Gutter broom machines

Optimal combination with the flat wire rolling machine FWR 250
+ capacity: up to 787 ft/min (240 m/min)
+ electronic torque control
+ precision wire guiding
+ adjustable laying device for optimal winding results
Wire tuft brush production
+ fully automatic process
+ high process reliability
+ high production speed
+ simple coupling with existing FWR 250
FWB 700
FWB 700
FWB 700
Consistent quality from the very beginning
+ high production speed
+ counted and tied flat wire bundles
+ wire pay-off from coil (Z2/Z3) load-free strippable
+ direct influence on product quality
+ wire thickness control unit FTC 250 (optional)
+ flat wire bundle knoter FBK 250 (optional)
+ coupleable with various assembly machines
FWR 250
FWR 250
FWR 250
The evolution of gutter broom production
+ Stuff up to 100 holes per minute for wire and synthetic fillings
+ Wire storage during disc change
+ Dynamic, maintenance-free drives replace hydraulics and swivel gears
+ Drill fixing holes directly on the drilling station (optional)
+ Synthetic fill material tamping at high speed without pre-punching (optional)
+ Production without operator intervention thanks to disc magazine (optional)
+ Set-up times less than 10 minutes, without time-consuming tool changes
+ Encapsulation and dust extration (FWR 250, optional)
+ Constant wire thickness due to automatic thickness control (FWR 250, optional)
+ Automatic wire transfer from FWR 250 to conveyor belt
+ High output due to low maintenance
GB 100

02 Cassette brush machines

Fully automatic cassette brush production
+ fully automatic process
+ wire bundle clip for perfect grip
+ incl. wire crimping from Z2-coil
+ no trimming required
+ endless retaining wire from coil
+ improved fixation of the retaining wire
+ production of wire mats (optional)
GB 90
GB 90

03 Brush segments

Gutter broom production with perfect fitting and retaining
+ wire, synthetics and mixed fill
+ great product diversity
+ homogeneous fill
+ quick assembly tool set-up
ERS 69
Brush segment production from classic to individual
+ wire, synthetics and mixed fill
+ integrated wire crimping and cutting
+ great product diversity
+ homogeneous fill
+ quick assembly tool set-up
ERS 990
Easy handling - increased production capacity
+ For all segment sizes
+ Flat or Wellaform
+ Output matching PVM 100
+ Segment is free for removal
+ Safe, simple operation
HDT 30
Easy handling - increased production capacity
+ Shaping and cooling all-synthetic segments
+ 3-station rotary indexing table (optional)
+ Tool cooling (optional)
+ Cycle time matching PVM 100
HDT 42
Production line for roller brush segments for road sweepers
+ modular design with extensive expansion options
+ large product variety
+ loss-free production of fill mats
+ homogeneous wire, synthetic or wire-synthetic mixed fillings
PVM 100
PVM 100
PVM 100
Metal ring production for the brush industry
+ diameter from 3“ to 13.5“ (75 to 350 mm)
+ U- and V-profiles
+ 1 or 2 hole punching
RWA 980
RWA 980

04 Brush bodies

Economic production of thick-walled tube brush and gutter broom bodies
+ tubes of up to 0.7“ (18 mm) wall thickness
+ especially for parts with large wall thickness like for staple set brushes
+ up to 8 tool stations, modularly expandable
+ use of low-cost materials (regranulat, HDPE, PP)
+ low investment costs for tool sets
+ tubes with inner/outer profiles (drivers)
BBM 700
BBM 700
BBM 700
Economic production of thick-walled brush body tubes
+ production rate of up to 220 lbs/hour
+ production of thickwalled tubes for stable-set brushes
+ low-cost raw-materials (regranulate HDPE, PP)
PPR 150
PPR 150

05 crimping, cutting, bundling

Wire crimping and cutting with high speed
+ high process reliability and availability
+ improved straightness of wires
+ easy to use
+ minimal set-up times when changing over to a different product
+ wide range of the processed wires
+ nearly compatible with any type of coil
DA 400 | DA 700
DA 400 | DA 700
Cutting hanks of wire manually
+ HSS or carbide cutting blades
+ various different models and fittings
Loss-free production, cutting and bundling of synthetic filaments
+ materials from 0.04“ to 0.08“ x 0.16“ diameter
+ material length from 4.9" to 27.6" (125 - 700 mm)
+ loss-free production without waste
+ direct bundling with foil wrapping
+ particularly straight filaments
+ high cutting capacity
PCD 1100



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