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Flat wire winder DC 510

Winding cooled down flat wire in combination with the cooling unit FWW 250


+ Production output: up to 787 ft/min (240 m/min)
+ Electronic torque control
+ Wire only moved straight
+ Layer formation: standing wire - oscillating spool
+ Winding cooled down wire with optional water cooling

The WÖHLER DC 510 flat wire winder has been specially designed for the production of flat wire with the WÖHLER FWR 250 flat wire rolling machine.

The flat wire produced can be wound directly onto Z2 spools. The torque is automatically adjusted according to the winding diameter.

Modern high-capacity flat wire processing machines run better with straight wire without sabers or bends and also require tension-free spools for higher process reliability during unwinding.

With the DC 510 flat wire winder, the wire is guided straight. This avoids stretching of the side edges and prevents sabre and bow formation.

The spool is moved sideways so that the flat wire is laid in a layer next to each other. The sideways movement of the spool via the servo motor gives the  precision for even spacing between the wires and an accurate reversal point for changeover from one filled layer to the next.

A servo motor with sensitive torque measurement drives the spool and winds the wire onto the spool with the correct tension, regardless of the diameter of each layer.

When the DC 510 is used in conjunction with the FWW 250 flat wire water bath cooling system, the wire is cooled as it is wound – ideal for achieving the desired winding tension when the wire has cooled completely. The dreaded shrinkage of the winding on the coil or core is avoided.

Standard equipment

  • Straight wire feeding
  • Lateral movement of the spool via servo motor
  • Automatic adjustment of the winding speed for constant winding tension

Optional modules

  • Flat wire water bath cooling FWW 250



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