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Street sweeper roll brush segment machine with metal ring and retaining wire ERS 990

Brush segment production from classic to individual


+ wire, synthetics and mixed fill
+ integrated wire crimping and cutting
+ great product diversity
+ homogeneous fill
+ quick assembly tool set-up

The WÖHLER ERS 990 serves the manufacturing segment brush of corrugated wire (up to Ø 0.03″ (0.8 mm)), polypropylene filaments (up to 0.1″ (2.5 mm) diameter) or material mix in a metal ring to 39.4″ (1000 mm) diameter and retaining wire.

The rings are pressed to produce segments and can then be cut with the roller cutter WÖHLER GR 90 to the final dimensions.

The U-profile metal rings can be automatically produced with the ring rolling machine WÖHLER RWA 980 and required only a spot weld.

The fill material is distributed by a conveyor belt and supplied to the support wire. The machine bents by the lower press plate and pushed it into the profile.

Optional modules

• Picker BLS 700
• Ring rolling machine RWA 980
• Ring closer
• Roller cutter GR 90



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