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Roller cutter GR 90

Cutting hanks of wire manually


+ HSS or carbide cutting blades
+ various different models and fittings

The WÖHLER GR 90 is for cutting hanks of wire manually, as well as for trimming brush segments from 1.2″ (30 mm) in Diameter up to street sweeper rings of 3.3 ft (1.0 m) and more.

Manual feeding devices for wire hanks, rotary tables for segments and an automatic lubricator are optionally available.

The roller cutter is supplied with HSS blades, slightly toothed for securely catching the fill material and feeding it through the blades. Various other blade types are optionally available for specific applications.

A further optional extra on the machine is the wire mat feeding unit MFF 320. This is used for safety reasons when extremely short wire lengths are to be cut.

Optional modules

• Manual feeding devices
• Swing device for tube filling
• Clamping device for tufts
• Wire mat feeding unit MFF 320
• Rotary tables for segments
• Automatic lubricator



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