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Clipper trimmer with universal frame ZS 90 + UF 900

Universal application optimised blade geometry


+ universal trimming
+ automatic blade lubrication
+ flexible adjustment for cutting all kinds of brushes
+ installation on a trimming bench possible

The clipper trimmer WÖHLER ZS 90 is particularly suited to trimming densely filled wire roll brushes as well as segment brushes.

The WÖHLER ZS 90 clipper trimmer can be equipped with knives of different tooth divisions. This makes it possible to cut heavy and fine flat wires, synthetic materials and natural bristles. Automatic lubrication allows high blade pressure resulting in a clean cut and long service life before regrinding through the resultant effective cooling.

The WÖHLER ZS 90 can be mounted on a lathe, or comes together with the universal frame WÖHLER UF 900, which is equipped with toolings for different kind of brushes and wire-cut scrap container.

Optional modules

• Mount for wheel brushes
• Mount for cup brushes
• Mount for twisted-in wire brushes (cylindrical / conical)
• Mount for twisted-in wire brushes (cylindrical to angular)
• Mount for strip brushes



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