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Production possibilities seem endless with Wöhler PVM 87 XL


Discover the unlimited possibilities created by our unique PVM 87 XL with its comprehensive range of accessories!


flexible – high-duty – loss-free

Production on the PVM 87 XL is focussed mainly on street sweeper segments and directly wound all synthetic roll brushes, although conventional segments with metal channel can also be produced on the machine if required.


The production possibilities seem endless (e.g. sweepers, ski mats, roof sealing etc.) and the modular design allows the customer to put his individual machine together, tailored to his very own specific requirements. The continuous production process of these all synthetic street sweeper brushes has effectively done away with the separate production of metal rings, as well as the stocking of slit strip and rings required in conventional segment production. The result is homogenous and readily recyclable brushes of a single material.

BUD_200Our objective was to develop a single machine for completing all steps in production. The wide spectrum of products speaks for itself: Endless brushes, straight strip lengths, small segment brushes or all synthetic segments in flat or convoluted form – it’s all no problem! Endless brushes can also be automatically cut into required lengths directly on the machine. Also new is the HDT 42 press with integral turntable, pressing and work stations, for giving the all synthetic segments their required profile. It goes without saying that a diverse range of profiles and forms are possible, even customer specific ones. The automatic bundle feeding device BUD also plays its part in increasing productivity – the required material is simply laid onto the conveyor, the rest is done fully automatically. Finished segments can even be automatically counted and packed in boxes coming directly from the turntable.

Verpackungslinie_200“The savings made in resources by this system really speak for themselves: The remaining work can now easily be carried out by a single operator as opposed to conventionally having at least three people working on various stations.“, stressed Matthias Peveling, managing director of Wöhler Brush Tech GmbH. Up to five segments per minute can be produced on the machine by a single operator, depending on the particular product – that’s just as unique as the wide spectrum of products it offers!

technical data

[tabellenkopf][zeile hintergrund=”blau” text=”fett” z1=”PVM 87 XL” z2=” “][zeile hintergrund=”” text=”” z1=”Leistung
Bürstenpakete:” z2=”ca. 2 – 3 m/Min.,
max. 5 Stück/Min. bei 3,6 m/Min.”][zeile hintergrund=”blau” text=”” z1=”Leistung
Metallringsegmente:” z2=”ca. 2 Stück/Min. bei PP Segmenten,
Geschwindigkeit max. 5 m/Min.”][zeile hintergrund=”” text=”” z1=”Länge des
Besatzmaterials:” z2=”150 – 450 mm, optional 700 mm
nur bei Drahtproduktion”][zeile hintergrund=”blau” text=”” z1=”Drahtdurchmesser:” z2=”0,45 – 0,70 mm”][zeile hintergrund=”” text=”” z1=”Drahtschneideleistung:” z2=”max. 650 Schnitt/Min. mit 12 Drähten,
also 7800 Einzeldrähte/Min.”][tabellenfuss]

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