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Together with our Christmas greetings this year we are supporting the youth division of the voluntary fire service in Bad Wünnenberg.

The needed new building of the voluntary fire service station in Bad Wünnenberg is already in full swing. Along with the modernisation and extension of the station – to further ensure operational readiness in the case of fire, accidents and catastrophes – a room for training the young firefighters is also planned.

The voluntary fire service in Bad Wünnenberg is an important and necessary institution: Rescue, firefighting, recovery and protection – it is to this purpose that the voluntary firemen and firewomen show a great social commitment. Youth work is an important element in ensuring that the immensely important work of the fire service continues to be available for all in the future. By means of funding with the WÖHLER Christmas donation we very consciously support both social interaction and sustainability in homeland and trust.

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