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Automatic gutter broom production GB 50

Robot moves segment/plate during drilling and stuffing


+ Compact design
+ Fully automatic stuffing
+ Cost-effective basic version - manual operation
+ For example, filling segments and recycling plates
+ Automation can be expanded later on a modular basis
+ Drilling stuffing and fixing holes (optional)
+ Bundle production (optional)
+ Simple, fast product changeover

The WÖHLER gutter broom machine GB 50 is a simple and low-priced entry into the automated production of gutter brooms and segments – and it grows with your market – up to a fully automatic production line with automatic wire and PP bundle production and automatic drilling of tamping and fixing holes with angle adjustment. The GB 50 can be configured for all commercially  available plate and segments formats with wire, synthetic or mixed fill.
Raw plates as well as recycled plates can be processed.

In the basic configuration, the operator manually inserts individual bundles into the GB 50, which automatically bends and stuffs the bundles into pre-drilled  segments or plates. An industrial robot takes a segment or plate from the  magazine, moves the tamping holes one after the other into their tamping  position and places the filled segment/plate broom stacked on a pallet with the  bristles facing upwards.

Depending on the budget and the desired degree of automation, the GB 50 can be modularly expanded with a wide range of options – ex works or at a later date. In this way, the production capacity of the machine simply grows with the increasing order intake.

The extension bundle transport FBT 50 allows the loading of several bundles that are automatically inserted into the bending station. This increases the  stuffing speed and reduces the dependence on the operator.

Fully automatic bundle production on the FWR 250 flat wire rolling machine and the PBT 50 for PP bundles maximises the production output of the GB 50.

The optional drilling station enables the use of raw plates.

All holders can be exchanged in a few simple steps. The multifunctional plate fixture also reduces the time required for a product change. The minimised set-up times enable production close to order entry while reducing finished goods inventories.

The clearly designed and intuitive user interface and the fully automatic processes minimise dependence on operator qualifications. All settings can be saved as a recipe in the control system.

Standard equipment

  • Industrial robot
  • Magazine station for plates or segments
  • Preparation for drilling machine
  • Pneumatic stuffing station
  • Stacker station
  • Central control with 1 operating point
  • Safety fence with door

Optional modules

  • Drilling machine for stuffing holes and fixing holes
  • Broom weight up to 88 lbs (40 kg) and outer
  • Diameter up to 27.5“ (700 mm)
  • Gripper for common segment types
  • Flat wire rolling machine FWR 250
  • Automatic flat wire thickness control FTC 250
  • Cutting and bundling FCB 250
  • PP bundle production PBT 50
  • Bundle conveyor with bundle transfer FBT 50
  • Magazine filling during operation
  • Conveyor belt for finished segments and gutters



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